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JOEY SEVERINI – Writer/Director/Producer/Editor

  Comedy and creativity have been intertwined in the most unusual ways throughout Joey Severini’s entire life. Literally from the day he was born, Joey unknowingly began life as a student of funny as he spent time with his very first playmates, the clowns at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. Being around that kind of atmosphere, one couldn’t help but absorb the comedic wit and wisdom of the show’s professional pranksters. But this was nothing out of the ordinary for Joey. His parents were both great circus clowns, and were in fact the Directors of Ringling Bros.’ world-famous Clown College, the Ivy League for those interested in the serious study of visual comedy. This was Joey’s world for his first dozen years.

  Joey developed a passion for entertaining audiences very early on and became a precocious performer. At age 3, he was the youngest clown in Ringling Bros.’ long history. He went on to become a stage magician at age 7. At age 9 he was featured as the star comedic actor in the F.H.E. (Family Home Entertainment) video, "Be a Clown," and was doing stand up comedy at age 10.

  But by the age of 12, when he received his own video camera, it was film that truly captivated Joey as an outlet for his artistic ambitions. He formed a kids comedy team called “The Skit Kids” and tapped into all he had learned and experienced to conceive and direct his first comedy shorts. He was hooked. Film became his passion.

  It was through a series of various production jobs at the Walt Disney World parks and for TV shows filmed at Universal Studios Florida that Joey gained valuable experience and knowledge about the craft of filmmaking including writing, camera operating, editing, casting, directing and more to compliment his unique background in entertainment and comedy. He went on to be certified in film production and digital media video production from Valencia College.

  Influenced by the works of Steve Martin, Trey Parker and Conan O’Brien, Joey has created a wealth of witty, high energy, satirical shorts infused with his sharp comic sensibilities. He likens them to a sort of “live action Simpsons” for their mix of colorful and quirky characters.

  At his NY based company, MENTAL PRODUCTiONS (www.mentalproductions.com),  he serves as writer/director/producer/editor and oversees every step of the creative  process with his films. His first feature-length independent comedy, “TONiGHT”, which  Joey wrote, cast, produced, directed and edited, had it's world-premiere at the HOLLYWOOD INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL!!!


  The Accolade Competition is a showcase for cinematic gems and new creative voices from all over the world. The Accolade is unique; as it is an international awards competition, not a traditional film festival.

  With a wealth of unique life experiences, an original approach to visual comedy, and a true devotion to his art, Joey Severini is a gifted new voice in the world of comedic filmmaking.